h two, four, six, ate: September 2006

15 September, 2006


I need to be bribed

Events to look forward to this week:

* My antique maps to be delivered via post
* Ocean Extreme tomorrow arvo
* A long, long lunch on Monday to celebrate my man's sister's birthday ('squirt' as he refers to her turns a big 26 and arrived 2 days ago from England with a friend in tow. They currently have the pleasure of test-driving our newly furnished/decorated "guest room")
* Varekai on Tuesday

........to be enjoyed upon completion of my brief AND my refugee paper.


back to reality

...until I snap back to reality.

I'm procrastinating. I have a brief due on Monday and I'm finding it very difficult to focus on transnational crime prevention. A cup of chai and a chat with the guy who made it definitely woke me up deferring what I inevitably have to complete.

I love it though. Last week I had to come up with a Foreign Ministry position paper in response to a hypothetical crisis in the Philippines. I'm kicking myself though because how can you forget to deal with displaced persons?!! doh! Oh well, if I pass, then I'm pleased.


masala chai

I called David Thompson, of Larsen & Thompson tea merchants, this afternoon just to tell him that his chai brought me back to the streets of India. I discovered his great masala chai at the Taste of Slow on the weekend at the Abbotsford Convent. He even served it in little terracotta pots (baands) just like India. Except I couldn't throw it on the ground and see it smash into a thousand little pieces. That would have been rude and slightly mad.

So, back to David, of Larsen & Thompson tea merchants and why his chai kicks ass.

The latest batch was picked in June from central India and mixed with special masala spices and delivered a couple of weeks ago. In my opinion, a lot of chai being sold at the moment has the masala mix right but the tea just doesn't cut the mustard. This is beautiful - a deep rich honey colour, creamy, spicy, aromatic. Use full cream milk, raw sugar and brew it nice and slowly for 15 minutes. I'm in India again......

14 September, 2006


and the point is?

Ok, not quite sure what this blog is about. It might turn out to be a foodie blog, who knows, but I think there are plenty of great foodie blogs around.

Although, I do spend a LOT of time thinking about food......Who doesn't?

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