h two, four, six, ate: January 2007

09 January, 2007


all by myself..........

don't wanna be, all by myself............

I'm so saaaaaad. Just saw my man off at the airport. sniff sniff. He's off travelling around Myanmar for a few weeks. Wish I could go but I studiously (stupidly) signed up for summer school. boo hoo. Fat cat seems to have sensed my sadness and is following me around the house keeping me company.

My consolation is that in a few weeks I'll fly out and meet him in BKK before going to Cambodia. Then I'll spend a week in Hanoi learning how to cook vietnamese food!!!

Until then, I've gotta study my ass off and try not to get too enticed by a glass of vino or three in the evenings.

Oh bother.......I'm missing him already!

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