h two, four, six, ate: August 2007

06 August, 2007


searching the 'hood

I'm so excited! Kat over at Coffee Habits discovered a website that sells chocolate pots!! The one pictured is very similar to the chocolate pot I have been looking for and have bugged numerous antique stores and collectors about for so long. The price tag is a bit steep. Although, I am a hot chocolate fanatic/lunatic so perhaps this may one day be mine.....mwahahahahaa.

And while on chocolate, I am still walking the streets of our new 'hood in search of a local cafe to provide my breakfast staple/morning ritual - THE best Large Strong Soy Hot Chocolate - not sweet and sickly, but dark, strong and bitter please.
I found a place that uses a french chocolate which is the best in the area so far, however it all depends on the dude making it. The dude is nice enough but he uses hot water to melt the chocolate which is a big no no for me. When I saw him doing it, I couldn't stop myself from crying out aloud asking what the hell he was doing. He must have noted the panic and immediately stopped, but then he started to add cocoa powder to it! ugh! I could still go to my usual place (our new 'hood is not that far from where we used to be), however, they've changed suppliers and are using a different chocolate that is too sweet (and apparently cheaper). In desperation, I called them the other day while on my morning walk just to ask if they had perhaps changed supplier already. No chance, so I walked the other way.

I'm still searching so any help will be appreciated........

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