h two, four, six, ate: October 2006

28 October, 2006



I think I was having a grumpy day the other day.

I did enjoy a Let's do Lunch GFM event @ Aria on Friday with 2 girlfriends. Spent the afternoon laughing our tits off.

I do love a good chuckle.

26 October, 2006


a gripe

maybe because I missed out on the Young Chef's dinner and Gordon Ramsay (the only events offered by GFM I wanted to go to), but, can I just be a big snob and brutally honest for a moment?

GFM needs to reinvent itself. It's the same old stuff, year in, year out, with all these plebs coming out of the wood works/sticks and pretending to be food experts.

Sorry, just had to say that.

23 October, 2006


wish list

if anyone wants to surprise me with a special gift for say, my birthday, select from any of these items and I'd love ya forevah.

Love this place. It is a regular haunt of mine. I found a couple of really old books, one called The Handbook of Wine, and the other on Champagne. Always makes for entertaining reading.

* I would love an old french chopping board.

** unfortunately the enamel truffle sign is sold. I have asked them to keep a look out for something similar.

** does anyone know where to find a chocolate pot? Preferably (white) ceramic, like this?

16 October, 2006


a win for bluefin

Japan's annual fishing quota for southern bluefin tuna (SBT) has been halved over the next 5 years following the summit held by the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT). They've finally admitted that they've been overfishing in the previous years. Scandalous. Outrage. boo, hiss.

Yay for SBT though. Hopefully gives the stock a chance to rebuild.

11 October, 2006


stopping for a breather

Guess what? I had a normal, yes, normal, relaxing weekend for the first time in a loooooong while. I was able to get my papers in on time and wow, what a relief. As a result, I rewarded myself with an entire weekend of chilling out and doing what normal people do on weekends.

October is Good Food Month, so yeeha to that. I always approach the GFM with good intentions of getting my act together and booking events in advance. Somehow, it just creeps up on me and the next thing you know, that bloody event that you really really wanted to go to has been bloody sold out. Oh well. I went to the Pyrmont Growers Market though, as per usual. I didn't go overboard, just stocked up on the basics - those evil icecream sandwiches, streaky bacon, ravioli, creme fraiche, duck, duck eggs etc. Had to remind myself that the markets will be on every weekend this month so I didn't buy my usual stock to feed a gang of....2.

Went to the beach for the rest of the day, then met my man after his very successful mountain bike ride with the boys. He bought a new bike the other day and was very keen on taking it out for a road test. This bike is the mother of all bikes.....and with a price tag to match. I was shocked that bikes could cost that much. Doubt my orange malvern star could compare, but it was cool and it got me to the corner shop to buy a big bag of greasy soggy chips for a dollar.

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