h two, four, six, ate: December 2006

28 December, 2006


toast anyone?

I gave this to my man for his birthday:

Yes, a toaster! He was ecstatic. I was going to get the 4 slice but it was enormous and we don't have the space for it.

I always thought a toaster was unnecessary preferring to use the grill instead. Toasting is toasting and the grill is perfectly capable of doing that. My man would constantly try to buy a toaster while I would argue that a rice cooker was more useful and deserved space on the kitchen bench.

Until this baby.

We went through 2 loaves of bread and copious amounts of butter and vegemite, marvelling at the toasting consistency every time. And the crumb tray....so easy, so convenient....for easy disposal of crumbs. And it's so cute.

Can't believe we didn't have a toaster earlier.

21 December, 2006


un signe

the other day as I was heading into the city, my taxi driver was french, my barista was french and then as I waited to cross the road, a bus went past with a huge advertisement for Paris.

I think it is a sign............

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