h two, four, six, ate: March 2007

28 March, 2007


Ok, I get the message

msg 1:
Mum called last night. She was in a particularly chatty mood about her day. It kind of went like this:

'I went to the airport to see Nanay off, caught a train back home with your tita . I just got back now' (it was 7.30pm)

What took you so long?

'Oh, your tita and I went shopping. You know, we bought this DVD that your tita R recommended. She says its really good. It's an exercise DVD. She does it every day, it only takes 45 mins. Your tita E is burning it for me and I'll give it to you, ok? Oh, Dancing with the Stars is on. Ok, see you later. '


msg 2:
Then, this morning, my sister calls:

'You wanna go kayaking on saturday morning?'

yeah, sure. I call out to Mr D who has his bike out in the hallway, hey, are you off mountain biking now?

'I noticed that Mr D looked a lot slimmer on Sunday. Maybe it was his pink shirt.'

In the background, Mr D calls out that he's hot. I reply, 'Ok, yeah, you are babe.'

'You know, you really should exercise everyday.'

I do. I go for a run/walk everyday.

'Yeah, but I bet you're having a big fat hot chocolate right now'


*msg 3*
Open my emails this morning. First one on the list, a special email from Jenny Craig.

OK, I get the message.

And while we're on the topic, I emailed the following article, Couples and kilos - is living together a recipe for becoming overweight? to Mr D. The article clearly explains why I've gained 10 kilos in the past 7 years! I quote:

"While some research suggests the first year of living together is a time of increased risk of weight gain for both sexes, a review of research into the eating habits of cohabiting and married couples in the UK, USA and Australia found that in general, women came off worse. Although men often picked up healthier food habits when they moved in with a woman, women ended up eating more foods high in fat and sugar, and put on weight"

Too right!!! Someone then complains about her partner's "English stodge" diet, and I again yell out, TOO RIGHT! I rarely ate very heavy meals consisting of mash, gravy, chips, lasagne, etc until Mr D arrived. I then had to cater my diet to suit his as it didn't make sense to have 2 different meals every night. And I started eating a lot later as well. I was just getting fired up when I suddenly received the following message from Mr D:

'I knew it was all your fault' :P


09 March, 2007


the power of a name

ooh! I am so behind. They made The Namesake into a film! I love Jumpha Lahiri and I loved her books The Namesake and Interpreter of Maladies. A girl we met in Rishikesh, India, recommended her books to me while sitting in a back of an jeep, at dawn, after just spotting tigers hunting by the river.

oh India! I would jump on a plane in an instant to be back there again!


Be tempted

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is on next week from March 16-30. I would really love to go but sadly I don't have time. I can only look at the program with longing.......*sigh*

05 March, 2007


Jervis Bay

Had a lovely long weekend at Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay with friends. The weather was fantastic, the waves were awesome, we spotted dolphins everyday from our balcony, we had plenty of great food & wine and of course, great company to share it all with. What a nice way to spend my last weekend of 'freedom' before hitting the books again.

Here are some pics from Charlie.

01 March, 2007


Claudia the cheesemonger

I met Claudia during a brief stint with a particular purveyor of fine food. We worked on a stall together at the growers market which was truly a fascinating experience. I had to meet her infront of said purveyor's store at 4am in the morning, load the truck up with boxes of cheese and equipment before chugging our way to the markets. I enjoyed the lively banter amongst the growers in the early hours of the morning and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to purchase produce (at discounted prices) before everybody else arrived.

Claudia was extremely knowledgeable on the world of cheese. Even though it was incredibly busy, we still managed to have a gossip while squeezing in a comprehensive crash course on cheese. I sounded like an expert by the end of the morning. Even my french improved.

So this is her latest adventure - McIntosh and Bowman Cheesemongers - specialising in the education and appreciation of Artisan and Farmhouse cheeses. Check it out!

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