h two, four, six, ate: November 2006

30 November, 2006


off to the bay

My man and I packed our overnighter and impulsively took the old lady down to Jervis Bay for a couple of nights. The old girl made it! She's a car by the way.

I think JB has the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Yup, big call, but check out Murray Beach for example. Best beach ever. Tested out my prescription goggles that my man bought me a while ago. I can see underwater now!!

Hyams is always a goodie. I love how it has managed to maintain its village feel after all these years. There were a few notable flash beach pads that have cropped up but not overwhelming so. Love how there is only one shop in the village. The guy behind the counter at the cafe needs some serious lessons on customer service though. And the hot chocolate is probably best referred to as hot confectionary. But, you can always be assured that your cold, icy calypso (in 3 flavours) is waiting in the freezer to be lapped up after a lazy hot day at the beach.

We got burnt though. Red like lobsters. And we ate a lot, slept a lot, read a lot. Perfect relaxation even if only for a few days.

Then, it was back home to catch sunset by the harbour. Just a quick pit stop to pick up a pot of ripe, gooey Clarines, a wedge of sharp Bleu de Brebis, lingue, some fresh oysters, sashimi, a bottle of champagne, and of course a picnic blanket. Then, with a couple of friends, we feasted while watching the sunset, my favourite time in the day......and toasted happy birthday to moi.

27 November, 2006


the art of shopping

Stopped by again at my favourite store to ask about my enamel truffle sign and pot au chocolat. Nothin' yet.

I didn't leave empty handed though. I bought an old menu card from an outbound voyage from England to Australia in 1924 on the R.M.S "Ormonde"; an invoice template from Daburon Freres for truffles and foies gras; some drinks lists from 1930 served by english catering company J.Lyons & Co Ltd; and some old wine labels.

I would like to get some menu cards from the 19th century. Haven't seen any yet. Also, I'll purchase a set of blank menu cards at a later date. These will be perfect for dinner parties.

I love my little purchases!

17 November, 2006



I finished my first semester! Yee haaa and Yay for me!

First thing I did, straight after my exam was have a nice glass of bubbly with my man. Then, my crazy sister, Ess, and friend, Aww, came over for a glass. They were equally on a high after Aww successfully purchased a unit on auction courtesy of Ess who bid on her behalf.....drunk! Now isn't that illegal? They walked in late, on the final hammer, and Ess, covered in red wine stains and clutching an empty tissue box, screamed out a number causing a sudden collective intake of breath (and shock) in the stuffy room. Would've loved to have been there. Imagine the ppl around the room......oh, and the poor couple who thought they had it! Oh dear. Apparently these guys had been there early and bid meticulously (and painfully) in incrementals as small as $1k!!! And to have a drunkard come in late and outbid you? No bubbly for them that night.

Yesterday, I visited a naturopath/biochemist/dietitican for the first time evah. Having finished my first semester and letting things go (diet, exercise), now is the perfect time to work on my health. I walked out of there with a lot less money than I came in with. Feeling the pain of the costs involved, I'm going to make sure I make full use of this guys recommendations and potions. Goodness gracious. I started this morning with a cup of lemon water, a teaspoon of green stuff and a teaspoon of orange stuff. Watch me transform! Ta daaa!

Ok, so now that I have resurfaced, what shall I do with myself?? Hmmm......I'm off!! See ya round!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!

09 November, 2006


on leftovers

Now here's a question;

If you were invited over to someone's place for a meeting (ie: not for dinner, not for lunch - just a meeting) and food was provided, do you think it is appropriate to take home bucket loads of food from the meeting with you??

Just thinking about it now. I held a meeting, I provided the food, and some felt it was appropriate to take it all home with them.

Yeah, it's a compliment, but come on, noone brought anything, and it was just a simple meal!! And who packs leftover grilled vegetables?!!!!!! I mean, wouldn't you just buy the ingredients and do it yourself?!

08 November, 2006



I'm working from home now which is a nice experiment indeed. I test my self discipline every day and if marked, I'd probably be a distinction average.

Except, there are days when my distinction average is affected. Take Melbourne Cup day for instance. I was disciplined enough to decline offers for a long boozy lunch, but not disciplined enough to run to the pub to place a few bets and then watch the race on tv. Probably a credit there.

Then, there were the delivery guys (middle aged) a couple of days ago who came around to replace our dryer. My discipline took me to the the kitchen where I just HAD to bake a sticky date pudding and eat most of it with delicious globs of double thick cream. Hmm, low credit (but HD for the pudding).

And then today, I was disciplined enough to sit outside on the balcony to 'continue' working while the cleaners were in the house. That's a distinction. But, our cleaners told me that the only reason they love coming here is that he only spends 70% of his time cleaning, and 30% with fat cat, while his wife spends 50% cleaning, and 50% with fat cat! They love him to bits. Infact, the first thing they do when they come through the door is look for him, then they both cuddle him and talk to him for ages while he just laps it all up. That has to be a pass/credit average. Hmmm......self discipline.

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