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01 March, 2007


Claudia the cheesemonger

I met Claudia during a brief stint with a particular purveyor of fine food. We worked on a stall together at the growers market which was truly a fascinating experience. I had to meet her infront of said purveyor's store at 4am in the morning, load the truck up with boxes of cheese and equipment before chugging our way to the markets. I enjoyed the lively banter amongst the growers in the early hours of the morning and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to purchase produce (at discounted prices) before everybody else arrived.

Claudia was extremely knowledgeable on the world of cheese. Even though it was incredibly busy, we still managed to have a gossip while squeezing in a comprehensive crash course on cheese. I sounded like an expert by the end of the morning. Even my french improved.

So this is her latest adventure - McIntosh and Bowman Cheesemongers - specialising in the education and appreciation of Artisan and Farmhouse cheeses. Check it out!

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